Welcome to the Wellness Center for Counseling.

At our center, we seek to provide an atmosphere of comfort and healing for our clients, while offering a proactive direction for change. We recognize that everyone is on a personal journey toward optimal health and wellbeing. Our goal is to provide a customized plan of support to fit your personal needs.

We listen and we care.

Our hope is for each person that comes through our doors to feel respected and valued. True healing and meaningful change comes about when you are able to connect with your therapist and collaborate together on a direction for change.
We believe that everyone possesses the strengths they need to be successful. Our job is to tap into those strengths and to work together with our clients to build a positive framework (Platform?) for change.
Our therapists, Lynn and Lara, seek to meet your needs by offering counseling services in the following areas:


Individual Therapy

Whether what you feel you need is a “life-coach” to help you navigate through a specific issue, or a more intensive style of therapy to assist you in processing serious life events, we are here to listen and provide personal therapy.

Couples Therapy

One of the most rewarding relationships when both partners are “in-synch” can also become one of the most painful and destructive when things go wrong.  We can help you get back on track.  In an unbiased way, we will listen to the needs of each individual.  This allows us an opportunity to develop a mutual framework for change so that both individuals’ needs are met, and the couple as a whole can progress.

Family Therapy

Our therapists consider themselves “relationship therapists.”  We have been trained in Systems Theory which gives us a unique ability to treat an entire family in therapy.  While considering the needs of each individual, and identifying the patterns of behavior within the entire family, we are able to successfully transition a family from crisis to a place of peace.

Support Groups/Seminars

Lynn and Lara hold evening Support Groups for people who are dealing with overcoming abuse and addiction and for individuals struggling with eating disorders.  We also hold Couples Therapy Seminars.